The Xiong Group

University of California San Diego


JUN 2020: Jackson has advanced to candidacy. Congratulations!

MAY 2020: Congratulations on getting your work published in Science, Bo!

APR 2020: Wei's tenure promotion has been approved by UCSD. Congrats!

MAR 2020: Zimo's work has been published in ACS Photonics. Congratulations!

FEB 2020: Wei is awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship. Congratulations!

FEB 2020: Jackson presents his work at PCSD in San Diego.

JAN 2020: Anjali joins the group. Welcome!

OCT 2019: Congratulations Wei on your tenure talk!

SEP 2019: Weichen Wei, Garret Weishan, and Wei Yang join the group as graduate and undergraduate researchers. Welcome!

SEP 2019:Bo's work has been accepted by Science Advances. Congrats!

AUG 2019:Congratulations to Jiaxi on her successful thesis defense!

AUG 2019:Congratulate Haoyuan on earning the second place prize in the best poster award at FemtoChem conference in Shanghai

AUG 2019:Jackson and Bo successfully give presentations at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego.

JUL 2019:Congratulations to Yingmin on his successful thesis defense!

JUN 2019:Yingmin's work has been published in JCP. Bo and Haoyuan's work has been accepted by JPCA and JPCB. Congrats!

JUN 2019:Our undergraduates Liying, Haotian, and Chaoqi graduated! Congratulations to them!

JUN 2019:Welcome Stacy and Chenglai to the group!

MAR 2019:Yingmin's most recent work has been accepted in JCP, as apart of the special topic issue Nonlinear Spectroscopy and Interfaces. Congrats!

MAR 2019: Wei received the 2019 ACS JPC/PHYS Lectureship award. He will present an award lecture at the 2019 ACS National Meeting in San Diego. Congratulations Wei!

JAN 2019:Welcome Victoria Barber to join the group for a postgraduate internship.

DEC 2018:Welcome Anye Shi and Zimo Yang to join the group.

DEC 2018:Our undergraduates Brian and Qiting graduated! Congratulations to them!

NOV 2018:Wei is awarded by NSF CAREER award, congratulations to Wei!

OCT 2018:Yingmin presented his most recent work in MRS Boston

AUG 2018:Bo passed his candidacy exam. Congrats!

AUG 2018:Wei and Bo attended Gordon conference of Vibrational Spectroscopy, where Wei gave an invited talk and Bo presented a poster on his research.

JUL 2018:A collaboration project between Paesani and Xiong groups on studying interfacial charge transfer is funded by NSF!

JUL 2018:Wei and Prof. Lu Wang organized the first Telluride workshop on Advances of Multidimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy in Water, Biology and Materials Science

JUN 2018:Wei presented his group research at the 9th international coherent multidimensional spectroscopy (CMDS) conference in Seoul, Korea

JUN 2018:Welcome our undergraduate students Haotian Chen and Qiting Wu to join the group!

JUN 2018:Wei presented an invited research talk at Telluride Nonlinear Optics at interfaces workshop

MAY 2018:Wei presented an invited talk at 10+10 symposium at Peking University

MAY 2018:Wei presented an invited talk at Sloan workshop of Indoor surface chemistry

APR 2018:The Xiong group receives Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) award from AFOSR!

APR 2018:Haoyuan passed his PhD candidacy exam, congrats to Haoyuan!

MAR 2018: Wei give an invited talk at 2018 National ACS Meeting at New Orleans, LA.

MAR 2018: Bo's paper on 2D IR of Vibrational Polariton is accepted by PNAS. Congrats to Bo!

MAR 2018: Wei gave an invited talk at 2018 NSYSU-UCSD Bilateral Research Symposium.

MAR 2018: Bo presented his research as a talk at 2018 APS March Meeting at LA.

JAN 2018: Jiaxi presented her research in an oral presentation at Pacific Conference of Spectroscopy and Dynamics 2018, at San Diego. Yingmin, Haoyuan and Bo presented posters on their researches.

DEC 2017: Jiaxi is selected as one of the receipients of 2018 Distinguished Graduate Student Felowship from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry! Congrats to Jiaxi!

OCT 2017: Bo receives Roger Tsien Graduate Fellowship from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry! Congrats to Bo!

OCT 2017: Bo and Yingmin's paper is accepted by Science Advances! Congrats to Bo and Yingmin!

JUN 2017: Haoyuan's paper is accepted by ACS Photonics! Congrats to Haoyuan!

MAY 2017: Jiaxi and Yingmin have passed their PhD candidancy exam. Congratulate to Yingmin and Jiaxi!

APR 2017: Prof. Xiong received the prestigious 2017 DARPA Director's Fellowship, Congratulate to Wei!

APR 2017: Dr. Daoling Huang joins our lab and Prof. Continetti's lab. Welcome Daoling!

MAR 2017: Haoyuan has passed his second year exam. Congratulate to Haoyuan!

OCT 2016: Tian Gao visits us for one-year from Wuhan University. Welcome Tian!

OCT 2016:6 Prof. Xiong received 2016 AFOSR Young Investigator Program award. Congrats to Wei!

AUG 2016: Zhiguo and Jiaxi's paper "Solving the Magic AngleĀ Challenge in Determining Molecular Orientation Heterogeneity at Interfaces" is published by JPCC! Congrats to Zhiguo and jiaxi!

DEC 2015: Welcome the new 2015 chemistry graduate students Bo Xiang, Haoyuan Wang and Xuan Zhang to join the group!

DEC 2015: Yingmin's paper "Probing Electronic Strucutres of Organic Semiconductors at Buried Interfaces by Electronic Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy" published by JPCC! Congrats to Yingmin!

NOV 2015: Dr. Zhiguo Li joined the group from University of Alberta. Welcome Zhiguo!

NOV 2015: The first publication from our group "Short-Range Catalyst-Surface Interactions Revealed by Heterodyne Two-Dimensional Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy" is accepted and published by JPCL! Congrats to Jiaxi!

APR 2015: Dr. Sridhar Lahankar joined us as an Asstitant Project Scientist. Welcome Sridhar!

APR 2015: Yingmin's paper "Characterizing interstate vibrational coherent dynamics of surface adsorbed catalysts by fourth-order 3D SFG spectroscopy" is published by Chem. Phys. Lett, as a Frontier Article and featured as cover!, Congrats to Yingmin!

JAN 2015: Prof. Xiong received 2015 DARPA Young Faculty Award. Congrats to Wei! Welcome Jiaxi and Yingmin to join the group