The Xiong Group

University of California San Diego

To facilitate communication during this unprecedented time, the Yuen-Zhou and Xiong group have initiated a series of polariton webinars every Wednesday at 9 AM PST. FOR EACH TALK, you must register to participate.

Current Schedule:

June 17 2020: Gilad Haran

July 1 2020: Jacqueline Bloch

July 8 2020: Bill Barnes

July 15 2020: David Lidzey

July 29 2020: Javier Aizpurua

Please follow us on Facebook @polaritonchemistry, and Twitter (@ucsd_yuen, @Xiong_Group). All webinars will be listed on our youtube channel.

For those unable to attend live or would like to view the webinars again, the following talks are posted online: Dr. Jeff Owrutsky , Professor Hui Deng , Professor Vinod Menon , Professor Nitzan , Professor Stéphane Kéna-Cohen , Professor Päivi Törmä , Professor Neepa Maitra

Additionally, to recieve email announcements related to the polariton chemistry webinars, sign up here.