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G. Stemo, J. Nishiuchi, H. Bhakta, H. Mao, G. Wiesehan, W. Xiong, and H. Katsuki. “Ultrafast Spectroscopy under Vibrational Strong Coupling in Diphenylphosphoryl Azide” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2024). View more

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W. Xiong. “Molecular Vibrational Polariton Dynamics: What Can Polaritons Do?” Accounts of Chemical Research (2023). View more

B. S. Simpkins, Z. Yang, A. D. Dunkelberger, I. Vurgaftman, J. C. Owrutsky, and W. Xiong. ‘Comment on “Isolating Polaritonic 2D-IR Transmission Spectra”’ Journal of Chemical Physics Letters (2023). View more

Yang, Zimo, Harsh H. Bhakta, and Wei Xiong. “Enabling multiple intercavity polariton coherences by adding quantum confinement to cavity molecular polaritons.” PNAS(2022). View more (Commentary by Vladimir Chernyak can be found in here)

Chen, Tengteng, Matthew Du, Zimo Yang, Joel Yuen-Zhou, and Wei Xiong. “Cavity-enabled enhancement of ultrafast intramolecular vibrational redistribution over pseudorotation.” Science(2022). View more (Perspective on the paper written by Lev Chuntonov can be found here)

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Hyperspectral Chemical Imaging for Soft Materials

C. Yan, C. Wang, J. C. Wagner, J. Ren, C. Lee, Y. Wan, S. E. Wang, and W. Xiong. “Multidimensional Widefield Infrared-Encoded Spontaneous Emission Microscopy: Distinguishing Chromophores by Ultrashort Infrared Pulses” Journal of The American Chemical Society (2023). View more

J. C. Wagner, B. Yang, Z. Wu, and W. Xiong. “Multimodal Nonlinear Hyperspectral Chemical Imaging Using Line-Scanning Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Microscopy” Journal of Visualized Experiments (2023). View more

Wagner, Jackson, Zishan Wu, and Wei Xiong. “Imaging Orientation of a Single Molecular Hierarchical Self-Assembled Sheet: The Combined Power of a Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy and Neural Network.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2022). View more

Wu, Zishan, and Wei Xiong. “Neumann’s Principle Based Eigenvector Approach for Deriving Non-Vanishing Tensor Elements for Nonlinear Optics.” The Journal of Chemical Physics, (2022).  View more

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Ault, Andrew P., et al. “Indoor surface chemistry: developing a molecular picture of reactions on indoor interfaces.” Chem6.12 (2020): 3203-3218.  View More

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H. Wang, W. Chen, J.C. Wagner, W. Xiong, “Local Ordering of Lattice Self-Assembled SDS@2ß-CD Materials and Its Adsorbed Water Revealed by VSFG Microscope”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2019, 123, 29, 6212-6221  View More

H. Wang, T. Gao, W. Xiong, “Self Phase-Stablized Heterodyne Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy”, ACS Photonics, 2017, 4 (7), pp 1839–1845, 2017  View More

Interfacial Dynamics of Photoelectro and Electrochemical Systems

Wagner, Jackson, Zishan Wu, and Wei Xiong. “Imaging Orientation of a Single Molecular Hierarchical Self-Assembled Sheet: The Combined Power of a Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy and Neural Network.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2022). View more

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Y. Li, J. Wang, W. Xiong, “Probing electronic Structures of Organic Semiconducotors at Buried Interfaces by Electronic Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy”, JPCC, 199, 28083, 2015  View More

J.Wang, M.L. Clark, Y.Li, C.L.Kaslan, C.P.Kubiak, W.Xiong, “Short-Range Catalyst-Surface Interactions Revealed by Heterodyne Two-Dimensional Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy”, JPCL, 6, 4204, 2015  View More

Water-host Interactions in MOFs

M. L. Valentine, G. Yin, J. J. Oppenheim, M. Dincǎ, and W. Xiong. “Ultrafast Water H-Bond Rearrangement in a Metal–Organic Framework Probed by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy” Journal of The American Chemical Society (2023). View more

C.-H. Ho, M. L. Valentine, Z. Chen, H. Xie, O. Farha, W. Xiong & F. Paesani. “Structure and thermodynamics of water adsorption in NU-1500-Cr” Communications Chemistry (2023). View more

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Hunter, Kelly M., et al. “Simulation Meets Experiment: Unraveling the Properties of Water in Metal-Organic Frameworks through Vibrational Spectroscopy.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C125.22 (2021): 12451-12460.  View More

Element Specific Charge Dynamics at Surfaces

Chen, Wenfan, and Wei Xiong. “Polaron-formation revealed by transient XUV imaginary refractive index changes in different iron compounds.” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23.8 (2021): 4486-4490. View More


Valentine, Mason L., Garret Wiesehan, and Wei Xiong. “An Evaluation of Maximum Determination Methods for Center Line Slope Analysis” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2023): 4268–4276. View more

Kim, Pyeongeun, Wei Xiong, and Robert E. Continetti. “Evolution of Hydrogen-Bond Interactions within Single Levitated Metastable Aerosols Studied by In Situ Raman Spectroscopy.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B124.42 (2020): 9385-9395.  View More

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YS. Wang, Z. Huang, X. Wang, Y. Li, M. Gunther, S. Valenzuela, P. Parikh, A. Cabreos, W. Xiong, Y. S. Meng, “Unveiling the Role of tBP–LiTFSI Complexes in Perovskite Solar Cells”, Jounral of the American Chemical Society, 2018 140 (48), 16720-16730.  View More

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BM. Shrestha, M. Luo, Y. Li, B. Xiang, W. Xiong, and V. H. Grassian, “Let There be Light: Stability of Palmitic Acid Monolayers at the Air/Salt Water Interface in the Presence and Absence of Simulated Solar Light and a Photosensitizer”, Chemical Science, 9, 5716-5723, 2018.  View More

J. L. Ellis, D. D. Hickstein, W. Xiong, F. Dollar, B. B. Palm, K. E. Keister, K. M. Dorney†, C. Ding, T. Fan†, M. B. Wilker, K. J. Schnitzenbaumer, G. Dukovic, J. L. Jimenez, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, “Materials Properties and Solvated Electron Dynamics of Isolated Nanoparticles and Nanodroplets Probed with Ultrafast Extreme Ultraviolet Beams” JPCL, 7, 609, 2016  View More